Our Team

Hervé Harel

Founder / Yacht Broker
Herve Harel Grew up In the French Riviera, a passionate sailor and loving the sea. He Graduated from the French navy in 1988 and joined several brokerage companies. He decided to move and establish in…

Mona Harel

Yacht Broker
After traveling in Europe and Managing her Ballet School for over 10 years, Mona joined her Husband, "Herve" in 1995 where her Career in yachting started as an Internationnal Yacht Broker and Marine Documentation Consultant.…

Ziad Rizkallah

Yacht Broker
After Graduating from University (M.B.M), Ziad decided to move to St. Martin in 2005 and join his Uncle, Herve. More than 10 years of experience in the International brokerage and web marketing. Dynamic, enthusiast and passionate,…