USA FLAG Boat Mortgages – Tax Strategies -Yacht Business Consultation – Collateralized Financing Program


There are only 2 banks that offer loans that would apply to Med/Caribbean mooring, Foreign funding, or Crewed Charter. These are all 20 year fixed rate loans.

Loans from $100,000 to $750,000
Typically range from 4.68% to 5.18% depending on credit score and down payment. Minimum 25% down payment required.

Loans over $750,000
This bank has a rate of 4.25% and requires 20% down. Boat mooring and charter do not affect that rate.

Shore Premier Boat Loan

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Start your Voyage…
Like our customers, we know how valuable your time is to you, so it’s important to us. We know that you want to start to your boating fun sooner, and to make that happen, we offer a personalized and streamlined process. Our specialized team of marine finance professionals are ready to answer your questions and assist by email or phone.

In addition to providing competitive products and rates, we will take care of everything for you! From working with your dealer or broker to assisting you with all the documentation requirements, we have the expertise to ensure smooth sailing through the entire process from application to closing.

We offer financing for new and used boats for pleasure use, limited and full-time charter programs, USCG and BVI registries, powerboats, sailboats, catamarans, and certain specialty products.


Yacht CFO Consulting

As your YachtCFO we give you access to exclusive credit products offered by Bank Of New York Mellon and Pershing Advisor Solutions.

Yacht ownership certainly has its many perks, but it also comes with a myriad of risks and challenges. If you approach your yacht owning experience as a business, you can take full advantage of the various benefits that can be realized through operating a small business, as well as lower your tax liabilities and grow your net worth – all while achieving your business and yachting goals.

Corporate businesses commonly hire an internal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to handle financial and regulatory affairs; however, in recreational yachting structured as a business, this is not always feasible. Archetype Advisors will operate as your outsourced CFO, bringing the prudence of business management, financial strategies, practical business modeling, as well as tax guidance to drive results and success. By partnering with YachtCFO™, you’ll achieve peace of mind and ideal results.

Parts of your YachtCFO Plan include

  • Customized Cash Flows / Net worth Impact
  • Exit Strategies
  • Tax Strategies
  • Charter Center comparison
  • Business Coaching and Advisor
  • Monitoring and Operations to executed blueprint
  • No-cost, business bank account with Pershing/ Bank of New York Mellon



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