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CNB New Boat Models

Founded in 1987, CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) by Dieter Gust and Olivier Lafourcade, as originally part of the Beneteau group. Since has displayed over 90 releases since its inception and specializes in the construction of luxury ships over 70 feet.

It has been 25 years since NBC mastery construction of SuperYachts. This part of the early stages of conception to launch and settings that are in front of the site. The group has an integrated office more than 40 people, his production team is highly qualified and indispensable manufacturing process. His cabinet is ultra-modern, renovated and technologically advanced. Finally, the team of pickers navigated the most prestigious sailing and knows how to make all the CNB Yachts expectations of customers.

CNB offers its clients a team of professionals, experts in their fields, to accompany them throughout their project.
The support is not limited to the manufacturing phase of the boat, it is a service relationship that goes well beyond. In an environment of 44,000 m, near the center of Bordeaux, modern facilities CNB organized and perfectly groomed reflect the dynamism of the site.

Harel Yachts is the exclusive CNB Yachts Dealer in the Caribbean and exclusive distributor in St. Martin.